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Freeze Warning for Tuesday night

     Most are well aware of the heavy freeze warning for Tuesday night and Wednesday morning dipping down to lows in the mid to lower 20's. This does pose a problem with various ornamentals & vegetables recently planted by many gardeners hoping that spring was here for good.

    The most sensitive areas of concern would be for any annuals and vegetables recently planted. Care needs to be taken by covering these items well by late afternoon early evening to retain any thermal protection from the ground after covering. Existing perennials that are starting emerge in our landscape typically won't be under any threat other than possibly receiving some burnt or freeze damaged foliage but will recover after reflushing new growth soon if damaged at all.  Recent newly planted perennials are advised to also be covered like the annuals and perennials mentioned above.

    Likely much of the damage that may occur would be in the form of burnt new tender leaves and/or flowers but generally this is only temporary and will recover as warmer weather assist to develop continued new growth. Wherever possible, carry in any potted tender ornamentals and place indoors or in a  garage or storage area where warmer non freezing conditions is available. Frost Cloth      

     Protection of any foliage and flowers can be done by covering with a light fabric, frost cloth, sheets, nursery pots, cardboard boxes, etc. We suggest not using a plastic type of covering as our experience shows fabrics much more suitable.

     It's always a hard decision as to how many items to protect as their is no guarantee exactly what could be damaged or not. When in doubt, covering will not harm and would only assisting in protecting your early season plantings, blossoms, and foliage.

     Often many existing outdoor ornamentals are used to such late cold spells but clearing and heavy frost is expected by early morning for both Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. There will be no problems in leaving these items covered thru Wednesday mid morning when favorable spring conditions return. When covering, when possible, bring fabrics and covering down to soil levels to assisting in holding in thermal temperatures from the soil below.



Evergreen of Johnson City is a locally owned garden center & landscaping company with a staff of professionals, like our owners, who grew up gardening in the East Tennessee & Southwest Virginia area. 

This gives our customers a unique advantage when it comes to understanding our climate, the soil conditions in our area, and which products thrive in our landscape. And this advantage is one we pass on to each and every customer!

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or want to avail yourself of our landscaping and maintenance services, Evergreen of Johnson City is ready to put our decades of experience to work for YOU.


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