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Evergreen of Johnson City strongly promotes Fertilome gardening products including a wide range of fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, soil conditioners, lawn care, and much, much, more.

Fertilome is a line of horticultural focused products dedicated to the independents garden centers focusing on high quality gardening and lawn care products at reasonable prices. We urge you to give Fertilome products a place in your gardening product shelves and experience the benefits provided by this product line dedicated to customer success.


Below are just a few of the Fertilome products that are ones commonly referenced at Evergreen, but are limited to the long line of products many of which are stocked and displayed at Evergreen of Johnson City. To visit the Fertilome product website, you can click here or on the Fertilome Label above to be directed to this informative website.


This has been one of Evergreen highly promoted all purpose granular fertilizers. Highly used within Evergreen's landscape maintenance department, this all purpose granular fertilizer is great for a wide range of flowering shrubs, perennials, annuals, and flowering shrubs with a well balanced range of macro and micro nutrients high in phosphorous and potassium promoting strong root development.

This fertilizer can be cultivated directly into the soil during soil preparation for planting and can also be top dressed on the soil's surface on 8 week intervals throughout the growing season. As with most fertilizers, be careful to not broadcast into the centers of perennials and annuals clumps preventing any potential for burning. Top dress uniformly in-between various perennials, vegetables, & annuals or around other flowering shrubs to promote strong seasonal and long term performance.


Fertilome's Tree & Shrub food is a great selection for trees, evergreens, and larger growing broadleaf and coniferous evergreens. It's higher levels of nitrogen supports the higher growth rates of these larger growers. Well balanced with a range of micro and macro nutrients, this is a wonderful fertilizer to promote strong tree, evergreen, and shrub development with emphasis on newly developing trees and screen plantings where fast development is desired.

Another feature of this granular fertilizer is a zilene carrier that promotes quick and easy penetration into deeper root systems often present in larger trees and evergreens.



This fertilizer is developed for shrubs that require acidic soil conditions. A soil acidifier has been incorporated into this well balanced granular fertilizer primarily formulated for use on Azaleas, Rhododendrons, and Camellias. Various Holly and other select acid loving evergreens can be benefited from this fertilizer as well.

Remember, acid based fertilizers only help regular soil pH to more acid levels, but will not alter pH levels dramatically in the event that high alkaline conditions are present. Use Hy-Yield Aluminum Sulphate for altering pH levels quicker and more dramatically.

As with most granular fertilizers, this product can be used during the initial planting and can be followed up repeatedly on appx. 8-12 week intervals as a top dress application on the soil's surface.



This is a wonderful rose food selection produced by Fertilome that will promote strong growth and flowering on various categories of roses. This granular fertilizer application will provide you ease of application by making monthly applications below the rose appx. 6-12" away from the main trunk of the rose.

We now you'll find this fertilizer effective for your rose gardening adventure.



Fertilome Start-N-Grow granular fertilizer is a great selection for safe applications in and around perennials and annuals due to it's slow release nitrogen release formulation. Providing you 2-3 months of slow release fertilizer, you'll find this formula not only effective and easy to use, but also safe for use around your developing annuals and perennials.





This highly promoted product has become a common word at Evergreen of Johnson City due to it's many benefits for strong initial root development of various ornamental trees, shrubs, evergreens, perennials, and annuals. Not for use on editable vegetables or other plant that would be consumed.

This strong root development solution has been formulated with a well balanced root development fertilizer high in phosphorous and potassium as well as Vitamin B1 and IBA rooting hormone common to what many old time gardener's remember as Root Tone rooting power.

This liquid solution is to be mixed with water and used to drench the soil media area surrounding the root ball of various plant materials whether large, such as trees & shrubs, or small, such as annuals and perennials.

We can express enough the recommendation of this wonderful product and suggest repeated applications on weekly intervals during the first month of development directly after planting. Ask for the larger 1 and 2.5 gallon jugs for more cost efficiency for a wide use of gardening projects.


If you want to benefit from a wonderful nutrient supplement, try Fertilome's Liquid Iron for use on various broadleaf and coniferous evergreens. You'll experience the quick results of deeper greening and larger more lustrous foliage especially on broadleaf evergreens.

A wonderful highly suggested supplement for Azaleas, Rhododendron, and Holly. A liquid solution that is to be mixed with water, apply as a soil drench solution, but also supplemental when applied over the foliage allowing the foliage to be drenched during the application to drench the soil area.

Most gardener's never relinquish the use of Liquid Iron once they experience the benefits from it's incorporation into their use of gardening products.



KillZAll is a non selective herbicide used for a wide range of weed and grass killer needs. If you have experience with Round Up herbicide, you'll find this product comparable at lower prices. With the same active ingredient, this herbicide can be used for kill out of larger lawn or site areas for preparation of renovation or lawn development or can be used for selective use with landscape mulched or graveled areas to selectively kill out whatever weed or grass it's applied to.

Remember, most herbicide work best when actively growing and not dormant due to drought or colder conditions, so utilize this product when temperatures are warmer, usually between months of March - October and water in weed target well at least 3-5 days prior to spraying during intense drought conditions. Due to it's systemic action, KillZAll will take appx. 5-14 days before actual signs of killing are noticeable. Once discoloration or slight wilting is achieved, the target's root system has been

                           killed out.


Fertilome's Weed Out selective lawn herbicide is used for spot treatment of broad spectrum coverage over lawn areas in the Tennessee area. When diluted with water by tank pressure sprayer or hose end sprayer, this product is used to kill out a wide range of broadleaf weeds within Tennessee lawns.

Utilize the benefits of a liquid herbicide application over that of granular applications. Even though granular applications are effective, you'll receive stronger and more effective herbicide action with liquid applications.

Remember to apply in-between mowing intervals to ensure a few days of foliage growth after last mowing and few days of duration before the upcoming mowing to ensure intake of herbicide into the weed's root system.


Fertilome's Crabgrass, Nutgrass, & Dallis Grass Killer is used for selective killing and suppression of weed grasses within Tennessee lawns. Use as a selective spot or broad spectrum application with either tank pressure or hose end sprayers.

Whether you've missed the preventive action of a pre-emergent herbicide or are simply following up on lower concentrations of weed grasses present in your lawn, this herbicide is a great way to minimize the weed grass levels within your lawn.

Remember, Dallis Grass is a perennial weed grass, unlike Crabgrass which is an annual, requires the use of a post emergent along with a pre-emergent herbicide such as Fertilome Crabgrass preventer plus lawn food. This post emergent is required to kill out the initial perennial root present that a pre-emergent herbicide won't control. Once the initial perennial roots are killed out, a pre-emergent herbicide can be

                     used for continual control of this Dallis Grass.


Turflon Ester has been developed for selective control and suppression of Bermuda Grass and other select hard to control broadleaf weeds such as ground ivy, creeping charlie, creeping veronica. One of the main uses of this product is that of Bermuda Grass suppression within Fescue lawns.

Use this selective herbicide to apply to Bermuda Grass infested areas to suppress it's growth and development. This is not promoted as a one time application to kill out Bermuda grass, but can be used repeated applications in spring and fall to suppress Bermuda grass growth. It's recommended to apply at least 3-4 intervals in making singular applications in spring and fall. Do not make repeated application in one season for stress and harm can be caused to desired Fescue grass types.


Fertilome Scalecide is an dormant oil spray that can be used for insect prevention on a wide range of trees and shrubs. This product is limited to be applied during the dormant season primarily during the months of December thru February. Temperatures over 70 degree F do not allow the application of a dormant oil solution. 

Dormant oil spray is highly effective for control of scale and spider mite infestations as well as other common over wintering insect problems. Oil spray immediately suffocates active insects as well as eggs present on trees & shrubs.

Due to the limitations of many systemic insecticides, dormant oil applications are one of the most highly effective insecticide applications that can be applied for preventative insect control. Other forms of oil sprays, such as Natural Guard Ultra  Fine Oil Spray, can be applied during the warmer seasons without harm.


Treflan pre-emergent herbicide is a wonderful herbicide product used for preventing the germination of various weed and grasses. Apply to mulched or graveled landscaped bed areas in spring and fall for effective preventative control of grass and broadleaf weeds. Receive 6-8 weeks of effective preventative control against germinating weed seeds.

Combined with the effective use of a post emergent herbicide, such as Fertilome KillZAll, you'll achieve an effective weed control program for your home or business landscape.



Fertilome's Crabgrass Preventer Plus Lawn Food is a highly effective early spring lawn care application focusing on the lawn's first well balanced fertilizer application incorporating the use of a pre-emergent herbicide called Team being a combination of 3 pre-emergent herbicides.

This product's herbicide action is focused towards the prevention of Crabgrass along with other grassy and broadleaf weeds in early spring. One of the most important applications to prevent the infestation of Crabgrass in your lawn

Suggested timing of this application is recommended between the months of February and March before crabgrass germinates in the lawn.


This is Fertilome's primary lawn fertilizer that has been combined with elevated levels of Iron for supplemental greening color. A well balanced fertilizer used for fertilizing your lawn without the use of weed killers is highly effective for promoting lustrous green color and steady growth.








Like the above mentioned fertilizer, this granular lawn application combines that of a well balanced granular fertilizer with that of a granular post emergent herbicide. Along with the benefits of a fertilizer to promote lustrous greening and steady growth, a herbicide is incorporated to control a wide range of broadleaf weeds within your lawn.

Remember, granular herbicide applications require applications to be made in early morning when heavy dew moisture is present. This will enable the granular herbicide to adhere to the broadleaf's leaf surface for effective performance.

Also, granular lawn herbicide applications must be made appx. 3-4 days following the lawn mowing and hold off the next mowing at least 3-4 days following the application. Also, attempt to pick a day of application where rainfall is not expected for at least 24 hours or more.



This Fertilome fertilizer has been teamed up with a wonderful long lasting pre-emergent herbicide known as 'Barricade'. This pre-emergent focuses on the control of a range of broadleaf weeds and is commonly used in the spring or fall to prevent the germination of those unwanted broadleaf weeds. Evergreen of Johnson City commonly recommends this application in the fall for prevention of many cool season broadleaf weeds that may germinate in the fall surviving the winter months and continuing their development in the following spring and summer months.




Fertilome's Winterizer fertilizer is a highly effective late fall lawn application that's focused to provide a fertilizer formulation promoting strong root development during the fall and winter months along with excellent winter green color retention.

Once you've experienced the benefits from applying Fertilome Winterizer to your lawn, you'll experience the wonderful benefits provided by this fertilizer.

*Note - Fertilome's Winterizer fertilizer is all used and recommended for late fall application to trees, shrubs, and perennials. Utilize the same benefits from this fertilizer to that of lawn applications.


Fertilome's New Lawn Starter is a fertilizer formulated specifically for newly developing grass seedlings. It's elevated levels of phosphorous focus heavily on the initial development of new grass root system which is the basis of a strong grass stand.

We recommend applying this fertilizer directly with all seeding and sodding procedures to enable a strong start in it's initial development. A follow up application can also be applied within 6-8 weeks for continued support of this newly developing grass.






Natural Guard Soil Activator


Natural Guard Soil Activator with 100% Humates








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